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Embraer 195 Azul Fsx.epub jacqferg




The FSX version doesn’t include the very nice animated cockpit scenes. However the FS2004 version includes a nice animation of the cockpit scene and the 3D model of the aircraft. It also includes the real game sounds and, as usual, a lot of other additions. … [Read more...] about Azul Embraer E-195LR FS2004 Repaint The P-3D is a very interesting aircraft. Its principal mission is maritime patrol, but also search and rescue, training, anti-submarine warfare, border patrol, anti-smuggling, anti-terrorism and anti-pirates. With a unique capabilities and a very good performance level, the P-3 has been used on numerous missions. Its super-maneuverability, the excellent performance of its engines, the maneuverability of its tail surfaces, and its exceptional capability of fly on a variety of missions were the reasons to be chosen by many navies. The P-3 first started its military career in the U.S. Navy in 1966, with a couple of hundred examples. When the F-14 Tomcat was developed, the need to have a specialised version of the P-3B, the P-3C, emerged. This was the primary purpose of this article. Originally, only a few P-3Cs were equipped with aerial refueling pods. However, more than 50 P-3Cs were equipped with the same aerial refueling pods as the … [Read more...] about P-3C comparison: Boeing P-3C vs. Embraer P-3C Piper PA-38 Comanche This is a highly detailed model with the cockpit in 3d and the texture modelled for all the parts of the aircraft and the ground in detail. The nose of the model has been removed to show the texture work. The model is one of my main projects for FS2004. There are some additions to the model, like a more detailed landing gear, cockpit sun visors, doors and windscreen wipers. The model is painted as a pure Comanche, I used some small parts from my other personal Comanche model. It has a Garmin 3S 10 meter radar and the JMS 10.9 laser range finder. There are also some subtle changes like wingtip lights, the engine cowling and the landing gear. This model was a real challenge to paint. The markings are rather basic, using the Comanche scheme, but even so I have made some modifications, like




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Embraer 195 Azul Fsx.epub jacqferg

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