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5 Simple Hacks to Declutter Your Life

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

If you have not yet been inspired by the Minimalists, the two famous American millennials Joshua and Ryan who promoted the idea of ‘less is more’, downscaling materialism and to make space for relationships and experiences that bring real meaningful to your life. You probably have at least heard if not already been ‘Tidying up with Marie Kondo’, the twinkle toed organizing guru who helped the world to find their ‘sparks of joy’ by her KonMari spring cleaning tricks. I recently came across this best-selling book ‘Make Time’ written by two guys who worked at Google, with a series of tricks to make life better by redesigning and taking control of our time. Is decluttering the new key to self-care? Below are several simple tricks that inspired me along the way, may well be your potential game-changer too?

1.  Log out of your social media accounts

Yes, it means that whenever you go into your social media apps like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you will need to put in your passwords again to get in. (Don’t worry, not asking you to delete your accounts!). But at least we will get to ask ourselves each time - Do we prefer spending time on mindless scrolling now or is there something else is more important?

2.  Make screen-time as a reward system

I know it sounds like being a child fighting for your TV time versus your homework. But how much time that we spend on Netflix or Youtube without actually focusing 100%? If we separate each daily activities, we can get more tasks done with undivided focus, which also leads to more enjoyment when we finally get our rewarded screen-time.

3.  Switch off all the notifications

Think about the impact from not reading those notifications on our screen (which usually pops up once every 10 minutes if not less) - are we gonna lose miss out much? This step is easy, simply go to your phone setting and uncheck all the notification alerts, you will gain your focus back again.

4. Make time only for people who make you happy

By all means, even if that is your own self. Take all the time you need but make it well spent. Not to make time for people who you need to impress with. Make constant assessment on how much the people you surround yourself with mean to you.

5.  Form meaningful habits and make them stick